Pancakes: A short history

September 24, 2011 at 23:22 | Posted in Main dishes, Tried and True | 3 Comments
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Click here-> This is a map of a short history of pancakes.

This is the kind of pancake I don't have to aspire to because I have this down pat.

In a previous entry I implied there were pancakes I aspired to and I wanted to clarify that it is not all pancakes I aspire to. I have these pretty well in hand. They are 100x better than your typical Bisquick laziness. This is near and dear to me because it is what my grandma used to make me as a kid.

1 cup self rising flour
1 cup milk
1 egg
1 tsp Vanilla (optional)
Spatula (the flipping kind, not the scraping kind)
Pan or griddle

Preheat a pan or a griddle to medium heat. Combine ingredients in a bowl until you have a smooth batter.

Combine these ingredients.

Grease pan and pour appropriately sized amount of batter into pan. This only takes a few minutes and should not be left unattended. Watch for the back of the pancake to bubble up

Pancake looks like this in the pan right before it is ready to flip over. Notice how to edges are looking cooked and the bubbles are popping.

and cook around the edges. Flip the pancake over to cook the bottom and it should look evenly cooked on the top.

The pancake should look sort of like this when you flip it over if the pan heated evenly.

Let the bottom cook a couple of minutes and then flip the pancake again.

You can flip the pancake over again, for good measure, and it will look like this on the back

. After 1-2 minutes remove pancake from pan and enjoy. To cook more pancakes, re-grease pan and turn heat down 1 step.

If using a griddle, leave heat setting untouched until finished cooking.

Yum. Pancakes.



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  1. Homemade pancakes are so simple and so much tastier than premade mixes. More people should realize that.

    I’m putting vanilla in mine next time!

  2. Mmmm. Pancakes. Delicious goodness.

    Now I want to make crepes. I love crepes suzette. It’s probably a combination of the the citrus, butter, and FLAMES!!

    Flames makes every meal better.

  3. Anytime I see the word “pancakes” I have to look. Then make them. I can’t help it!

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