Muffins vs. Cupcakes

October 21, 2011 at 11:57 | Posted in Desserts | 11 Comments

Sometimes baked goods don't get along because they are so similar.

Get on my level.

When it comes to cupcakes and muffins there’s a lot to be said. Sometimes scraping the frosting off of a cupcake will yield a basic, boring muffin or peeling the paper off a muffin reveals a basic, boring muffin. Andrew, Marmian and Tania weigh-in on muffin tops, cupcake sprinkles and whether beauty is truly on the inside, in this sound clip.

If you don’t listen to this- part of your life will be missing.



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  1. I want a cupcake now!

  2. I want a muffin top (other than the one possibly poking over my waistband)!

  3. There are three major difference to consider between the two. First, when you eat a cupcake, it’s always a treat or a dessert, no matter how you color it. When you eat a muffin, it can be a dessert or it can be the meal itself. Second, muffins can be healthy, but a cupcake is always a cake, and carries the mental baggage associated with eating a cake (even healthy cupcakes are still cakes, so they’re not good for you!). Third, cupcakes have to be eaten in one sitting and generally can’t be shared. Muffins are much more social, and can be shared easily or saved for later.

    With these factors in mind, I would argue that muffins are more versatile and more desirable in most dining situations. That’s not to say cupcakes aren’t good on occasion, but they’re an occasional sort of a food. Muffins can fit many situations and many lifestyles (as long as you’re not counting carbs ^_^).

    • But do you think that muffins are just ugly cupcakes?

  4. CUPCAKES..they are sweeter.

  5. Cupcakes are definitely cakes. They’re generally lighter in texture, fluffier, and tend to be sweeter and moister, and they require the paper liner when cooked in the baking tin. They are universally served as desserts and are always frosted.

    Muffins are definitely a variety of quick bread. They’re generally heavier in texture, more dense and aren’t always sweet. They don’t require a paper liner when cooked in the tin, and in fact most people I know don’t use a paper liner when cooking them at home. Muffins can be served as dessert, but usually they’re served as a breakfast food or snack, much like certain kinds of pastries. They can have certain toppings, like streusel, but are never frosted.

    Consider the following differences between basic cupcake and muffin recipes:
    * Muffins: oil, 400°F
    * Cupcakes: butter/shortening, 350°F

    The difference between cupcakes and muffins is a lot like banana bread and rye bread. They have the same shape and are cooked in much the same way, but their places in meal consumption are worlds apart.

  6. I made sweet potato muffins this morning, complete with coconut. Yummo. I prefer the muffin to the cupcake for the guilt reasons mentioned below.

  7. I vote muffin! This is similar to cake vs. pie… Cake is good but when you eat too much it starts to hurt.

  8. 1 box cake mix (the 18oz ones, not Betty Crocker, hers are only 15 oz now) + 1 cup fat free greek yogurt + 1 cup water = delicious. I don’t care if you call it a cupcake or a muffin (makes 12, bake at 350ish for like 20 mins, whatever the box says for temp and time).

  9. Oh, and the above is also 180 calories. Not too bad.

    I’ve also heard that if you mix a box of cake mix with 1 15 oz can of pumpkin puree, it is delicious. But I’ve never tried it.

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