I hear you’re easy.

November 9, 2011 at 19:54 | Posted in Main dishes, Tried and True | 7 Comments
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How do you eat your eggs? Or do you eat eggs? Some people are really funny regarding that. My husband likes them over easy which, to me, is pretty gross but I learned to cook them that way just for him. Next up is learning to poach so I can make true carbonara.

I didn't make this but it illustrates the fluffy way eggs should look. Like fabulous hair on this complete breakfast.

I like to scramble my eggs for breakfast time. Or dinner time. There’s a lot of argument, between friends, about the best way to scramble eggs. I maintain that adding milk to the eggs and beating them before you put them in the pan is the best. A medium heated, slightly greased pan cooks the milk out as you stir, with a fork, the eggs while they’re in the pan. This leaves them fluffy, yellow and pretty. In my opinion this also makes them perfect for omelette-izing. I picked up this tip from my mom. Maybe I’m biased.

Don’t leave them cooking alone! They’ll burn and be yuck. I’ve found that foods, like most people, needs constant baby sitting while it’s working towards a final goal.

Quick, easy fluffy eggs are a great protein source.

This entry is brought to you by the letter E, the number 2 and The Incredible Edible Egg.



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  1. i think you probably should start making your eggs like that pancake lady with egg hair though.

  2. Yes, milk. I also put them in a large bowl and beat them for a long time (like five minutes) with an electric mixer, because the longer you beat them, the fluffier they are.

    Also, for kids, add a dab of green food coloring. Yeah baby!

  3. nothing bothers me more than overcooked scrambled eggs… it’s one of my pet peeves. I think your method is a good one (I don’t use a fork, though, it would destroy my non-stick pan)

    my favorite is over easy, too!

  4. I like over medium best so that you can break that yoke open and dip your toast all up in it! Scrambled is a close second but in addition to the milk you have to add some cheese. Chedda makes everything a little bit betta!

  5. Lol
    I always learned that you make scrambled eggs with milk & an omelette with water. I usually do what you do & whisk them in a container (cup, bowl, etc) first so they are fluffy! =)
    Yay! Eggs!! =)

  6. I like scrambled eggs, but I also really like an over-medium egg on top of Bi Bim Bop!! You should learn how to make that.

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