Another turkey endeavor

November 25, 2011 at 13:20 | Posted in Main dishes | Leave a comment
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Look at that saucy bird. She'll give it up for anyone.

This Thanksgiving I took on the herculean task of making the turkey. Herculean you question? Roasting a turkey breast is slightly different than roasting a full turkey. For one thing, there’s a bag of disgust to remove from said turkey. If you follow me on twitter you may have followed my follies of the day.

I got up super early and unwrapped the bird in the sink, for obvious reasons, and threw the damn thing in the oven.

This turkey has a leg malformation. Or a skin tag. You can see the lines from the roaster from where I did the flip.

And hour later I got up and checked on it. Baste, flip, baste.

Flip you say? Flip? This is a turkey. Not a pancake.

Well in my stupor of morning-time I loaded the turkey in, what I perceived to be, facing the wrong way. Roasting your bird upside down may seem like a first-timer blunder, but it’s actually catching on as a popular method to keep the moisture in.

It turned out really well except that the thighs weren’t completely cooked after 4 hours (which, for a 12 pound turkey should be ample time to cook). So we ate the breast while the rest finished up in the oven.


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