I’m never gonna go back to Ohio!

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Jason Robert Brown wrote a musical several, several years ago called The Last 5 Years. I’m currently (again) very into the song A Summer in Ohio. The lyrics are set to a bouncy tempo and describe the female protagonist’s hellish 90 days in Ohio. Again. It paints a picture of disappointment (and paying dues) as she sings about all the things she could be doing instead of spending time in the O-H (I-O).

Ultimate noms about to occur.

Anyway the connection is the lyric, “I guess I’m doing something right. I finally got something right.”

Again, the food connection?

I think about all the failures I’ve done in the last several months and how they taught me to succeed and that they weren’t failures. Just steps along the learning curve.

Unlike the little turtle friend I believe the best is still yet to come. In life and cooking.

Here’s a recipe for thumbprint cookies. They’re a fine christmassy treat and this recipe relatively modifiable. You’ll see various photos of my successes with these cookies flip across the banner up to sometimes.


A greasy mess

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I ordered a pizza. Bad call.

Since I live in the tundra there are very few food delivery options (Chinese and Pizza) and I didn’t want to cook. And I was out of microwave meals. And I felt sick. And lazy.

In order to maintain my hate/hate relationship with the phone, I ordered online. About 45 minutes later, my pizza was here.

Ham, pineapple and tomatoes. Yum!


I turned against pizza at some point. It used to be yummy and tasty, but now it’s greasy, carb loaded, sugary and sprinkled with pestilence.

Well not pestilence.

Grease oozes from the melted processed cheese, low quality sauce lays upon an average crust and it’s usually undercooked.

Why did I waste my money?

Does anyone else just despise pizza but still ingest it? Is it a habit?

It always seems like a good idea. But I don’t like it. I think I do, but I don’t.

Ne’er shall I bake it.


Another entry brought to you via the WordPress app.

Get in the kitchen and make me a… Part 2

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So here it is finally. The pie slide show. Sorry I’m a little late.

I mentioned in a previous entry that I made this pie because I was thinking about my Grandma. She recently fell and broke her hip into 3 pieces. She’s had surgery and is now in physical therapy.

Here's a picture of Grandma with my mom when she was small.

I think she’s having a rough time with it. She doesn’t really want to do the physical therapy. They’re trying to make her build up her upper body strength.

Anyway! The pie. My mom has a good recipe for egg custard, but I always misplace it. If I searched my email long enough I might find it but I just used the one from here. My grandma is important to me and even though I can’t be with her while she’s doing this, I am thinking about her and praying for her recovery.

The pie didn’t turn out very well. It was OKAY but not amazing. I should have asked my mom for the recipe. For shame Nikki.

36 degrees and windows down

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Having your windows down in the car when it’s slightly above freezing because you’re hot may not be the best plan, but in Alaska it’s like that. I think I may have invited a little cold into my head.

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Cookie dough I made yesterday. It's best to refrigerate it after you make it.

I have lots of things to do but I took a sick day.

Between the sniffles and the dental work, I think this week is ready to end.

I made this cookie dough yesterday with the intent on having some almond flour in the house by now, but the road to all-purpose flour is paved with good intentions. Or something like that. I used the recipe on the package of chips. They’re kind of fun because I used white chocolate chips and regular semi-sweet chips. If the store had had peanut butter chips I would have used those.

Cookies are a little burnt

I burnt these a little because I didn't set a timer. It's part of why I'm a horrible baker.

I can make thumbprint jam cookies really well. I think because those are more like making bread and don’t require such specific measurements. Disappointing. I really like baking in the fall, so there will possibly be a lot of baking in the future.

I’m going to keep trying to make baked goods, but I’m a bad baker. Something about the level measurement of cups and tablespoons doesn’t really click with me. It’s why I’m a better cook than baker. I aspire to delicate french pastry and cookies, braised butter and homemade candy. It’s frustrating. I think I need to take a class.

Practically teething

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Due to some rather extensive and drawn-out dental work, I haven’t been in the mood to eat, much less cook.


I've never had this maccoroni you speak of.

So I am just going to address a pet peeve of mine: spelling. Spelling is important anywhere you are going to write something. When a restaurant writes their special on the little board, isn’t the purpose to have it read by lots of people? Isn’t the purpose to “sound” appetizing?

This is a ridiculous problem.

I felt dumber as I went into this establishment. It is irresponsible to misspell something as simple as macaroni in this particular forum. It is even worse that the work day was half over by the time I got there.

Does seeing something misspelled in public as bothersome to you as it is to me? Am I being too critical?

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