Feeding on percussion

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This has nothing to do with food. I made this as an in-class project. I think it’s very cool.

I don’t want to work. from Nikki Withington on Vimeo.



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November’s issue! Doesn’t that look amazing? There’s a recipe for Apple Cider Cream Pie.


Practically teething

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Due to some rather extensive and drawn-out dental work, I haven’t been in the mood to eat, much less cook.


I've never had this maccoroni you speak of.

So I am just going to address a pet peeve of mine: spelling. Spelling is important anywhere you are going to write something. When a restaurant writes their special on the little board, isn’t the purpose to have it read by lots of people? Isn’t the purpose to “sound” appetizing?

This is a ridiculous problem.

I felt dumber as I went into this establishment. It is irresponsible to misspell something as simple as macaroni in this particular forum. It is even worse that the work day was half over by the time I got there.

Does seeing something misspelled in public as bothersome to you as it is to me? Am I being too critical?

Someone else’s trash…

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Is probably my treasure.
Look what I found for $2.


Tomato Power

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Who needs this many tomato slices?



Pancakes I aspire to

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Photo from Bongo Room, Chicago, IL.
Pretzel pancakes under white chocolate syrup with caramel drizzle.

My iPhone likes to correct basic HTML by capitalizing and trying to make words out of code. My iPhone thinks it is smarter than I am. I believe my iPhone is wrong.

It’s a wonderful wednesday. In the coming weeks I will blog and blog again. I will regale readers with tales of triumph and of failure from the kitchen at Little House on the Tundra. I hope.

First, I am a beginner baker, a salted chef, and an assimilated Alaskan. As the weather turns cold I will attempt the comfort foods of the season or whatever I’m in the mood for. Whether Salmon en croute, lemon scones or my famous baked potato and diet coke–I’ll tell you thoroughly and simply how to make it.

Second, I currently live alone. Cooking for one is tough, but I hope to find some solutions to this ancient problem. That said I want to be clear when I say, baking for one is impossible. There’s no such thing.

Finally, this is for a grade thanks to UAF. Quality counts.

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