It’s not just for cows anymore

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I’m so excited to have moose burger in my possession. It’s just a whole other endeavor.

Alaska, I love you.




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November’s issue! Doesn’t that look amazing? There’s a recipe for Apple Cider Cream Pie.


Muffins vs. Cupcakes

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Sometimes baked goods don't get along because they are so similar.

Get on my level.

When it comes to cupcakes and muffins there’s a lot to be said. Sometimes scraping the frosting off of a cupcake will yield a basic, boring muffin or peeling the paper off a muffin reveals a basic, boring muffin. Andrew, Marmian and Tania weigh-in on muffin tops, cupcake sprinkles and whether beauty is truly on the inside, in this sound clip.

If you don’t listen to this- part of your life will be missing.


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I love snow. Fall is in full swing and winter is grazing the surface here in Fairbanks. I’m ready for it. I feel like Starbucks used to bring back fall for me, but now I’m just waiting for snow.


It ended up snowing more than this, but this is the better picture of the ones I took.

Doesn’t the snow look pretty? I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune in a few months. When it’s 3 feet deep.

In honor of the chilly weather I roasted a turkey breast.

It turned out pretty awesome. I used a recipe I discovered last Thanksgiving. It’s super simple and I already had everything in the house. Someday when I grow up, I’ll be Betty Crocker.

So in between doing homework and cleaning my kitchen, as I messed it up again, I basted this bad boy right up.

This is such an easy, easy way to feel good about yourself in the kitchen.

Click to see more photos from this endeavor.

36 degrees and windows down

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Having your windows down in the car when it’s slightly above freezing because you’re hot may not be the best plan, but in Alaska it’s like that. I think I may have invited a little cold into my head.

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Cookie dough I made yesterday. It's best to refrigerate it after you make it.

I have lots of things to do but I took a sick day.

Between the sniffles and the dental work, I think this week is ready to end.

I made this cookie dough yesterday with the intent on having some almond flour in the house by now, but the road to all-purpose flour is paved with good intentions. Or something like that. I used the recipe on the package of chips. They’re kind of fun because I used white chocolate chips and regular semi-sweet chips. If the store had had peanut butter chips I would have used those.

Cookies are a little burnt

I burnt these a little because I didn't set a timer. It's part of why I'm a horrible baker.

I can make thumbprint jam cookies really well. I think because those are more like making bread and don’t require such specific measurements. Disappointing. I really like baking in the fall, so there will possibly be a lot of baking in the future.

I’m going to keep trying to make baked goods, but I’m a bad baker. Something about the level measurement of cups and tablespoons doesn’t really click with me. It’s why I’m a better cook than baker. I aspire to delicate french pastry and cookies, braised butter and homemade candy. It’s frustrating. I think I need to take a class.

Practically teething

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Due to some rather extensive and drawn-out dental work, I haven’t been in the mood to eat, much less cook.


I've never had this maccoroni you speak of.

So I am just going to address a pet peeve of mine: spelling. Spelling is important anywhere you are going to write something. When a restaurant writes their special on the little board, isn’t the purpose to have it read by lots of people? Isn’t the purpose to “sound” appetizing?

This is a ridiculous problem.

I felt dumber as I went into this establishment. It is irresponsible to misspell something as simple as macaroni in this particular forum. It is even worse that the work day was half over by the time I got there.

Does seeing something misspelled in public as bothersome to you as it is to me? Am I being too critical?

Sauces Under Sixty Seconds – Put to use.

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Roma tomato slices, red, white, and purple grapes, spring mix, parmesan, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Enjoying something beautiful for dinner doesn’t have to happen only at restaurants! This salad took 5 minutes total to prepare and uses the vinaigrette I made about a week ago.


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Monday evenings normally consist of staying home, maybe going to the gym and watching a DVD’s worth of Friends. The difference tonight was the result of a mass text calling for people to join in a wine tasting at Bobby’s Downtown.


Cheers to the evening.

Who am I to turn down such an invitation when the only plan I would be breaking was a date with my media law textbook? I think you know what I did.

Tonight was a white wine event. I’m exclusively a red wine drinker as a rule, but I’m willing to try new things. I always want something to impress me. Happily I discovered some whites that did the trick. I will share them with you along with the delightful appetizers that were given to us to whet the palate.

The evening included 20 white wines hand-picked by Bruce Abbott for the tasting. Being a newbie to the Fairbanks social scene, I’m really enjoying to getting to know the different circles of people and that nearly all of us are connected via Twitter. It’s nice to put a physical person with an @ handle.

Continue Reading Clink!…

Pancakes: A short history

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Click here-> This is a map of a short history of pancakes.

This is the kind of pancake I don't have to aspire to because I have this down pat.

In a previous entry I implied there were pancakes I aspired to and I wanted to clarify that it is not all pancakes I aspire to. I have these pretty well in hand. They are 100x better than your typical Bisquick laziness. This is near and dear to me because it is what my grandma used to make me as a kid.


Short and sweet

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This week has been gorgeous. I’m terribly behind at school, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging until the weekend so here’s a little something.

I like a good vinaigrette. They pull double and triple duty if you use them as a marinade or sauce on a cooked dish instead of just as a salad dressing. The second best part of this recipe is the cruet. It has oz and other measurements on the side of it. You can also make this recipe in any old container with a lid. The best part is the dressing.

1/3 cup balsamic vinegar, 2/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1/2 tsp garlic, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1-2 tbsp parmesan cheese

These ingredients can be combined in any order and then shaken or stirred. The ratio of oil to vinegar is the only part of the recipe that should not be played with. The other ingredients can be increased or decreased according to your taste. Do not refrigerate this dressing because it will become weird and not good. You can enjoy it right away or let it sit a day to let the ingredients really infuse into the oil.

If you’re feeling adventurous I recommend putting this on a chicken breast with some sage and cinnamon and baking it. If you aren’t feeling adventurous just stick with it as a salad or bruschetta topping.

Happy Wednesday!

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