Another turkey endeavor

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Look at that saucy bird. She'll give it up for anyone.

This Thanksgiving I took on the herculean task of making the turkey. Herculean you question? Roasting a turkey breast is slightly different than roasting a full turkey. For one thing, there’s a bag of disgust to remove from said turkey. If you follow me on twitter you may have followed my follies of the day.

I got up super early and unwrapped the bird in the sink, for obvious reasons, and threw the damn thing in the oven.

This turkey has a leg malformation. Or a skin tag. You can see the lines from the roaster from where I did the flip.

And hour later I got up and checked on it. Baste, flip, baste.

Flip you say? Flip? This is a turkey. Not a pancake.

Well in my stupor of morning-time I loaded the turkey in, what I perceived to be, facing the wrong way. Roasting your bird upside down may seem like a first-timer blunder, but it’s actually catching on as a popular method to keep the moisture in.

It turned out really well except that the thighs weren’t completely cooked after 4 hours (which, for a 12 pound turkey should be ample time to cook). So we ate the breast while the rest finished up in the oven.


I hear you’re easy.

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How do you eat your eggs? Or do you eat eggs? Some people are really funny regarding that. My husband likes them over easy which, to me, is pretty gross but I learned to cook them that way just for him. Next up is learning to poach so I can make true carbonara.

I didn't make this but it illustrates the fluffy way eggs should look. Like fabulous hair on this complete breakfast.

I like to scramble my eggs for breakfast time. Or dinner time. There’s a lot of argument, between friends, about the best way to scramble eggs. I maintain that adding milk to the eggs and beating them before you put them in the pan is the best. A medium heated, slightly greased pan cooks the milk out as you stir, with a fork, the eggs while they’re in the pan. This leaves them fluffy, yellow and pretty. In my opinion this also makes them perfect for omelette-izing. I picked up this tip from my mom. Maybe I’m biased.

Don’t leave them cooking alone! They’ll burn and be yuck. I’ve found that foods, like most people, needs constant baby sitting while it’s working towards a final goal.

Quick, easy fluffy eggs are a great protein source.

This entry is brought to you by the letter E, the number 2 and The Incredible Edible Egg.


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I love snow. Fall is in full swing and winter is grazing the surface here in Fairbanks. I’m ready for it. I feel like Starbucks used to bring back fall for me, but now I’m just waiting for snow.


It ended up snowing more than this, but this is the better picture of the ones I took.

Doesn’t the snow look pretty? I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune in a few months. When it’s 3 feet deep.

In honor of the chilly weather I roasted a turkey breast.

It turned out pretty awesome. I used a recipe I discovered last Thanksgiving. It’s super simple and I already had everything in the house. Someday when I grow up, I’ll be Betty Crocker.

So in between doing homework and cleaning my kitchen, as I messed it up again, I basted this bad boy right up.

This is such an easy, easy way to feel good about yourself in the kitchen.

Click to see more photos from this endeavor.


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Monday evenings normally consist of staying home, maybe going to the gym and watching a DVD’s worth of Friends. The difference tonight was the result of a mass text calling for people to join in a wine tasting at Bobby’s Downtown.


Cheers to the evening.

Who am I to turn down such an invitation when the only plan I would be breaking was a date with my media law textbook? I think you know what I did.

Tonight was a white wine event. I’m exclusively a red wine drinker as a rule, but I’m willing to try new things. I always want something to impress me. Happily I discovered some whites that did the trick. I will share them with you along with the delightful appetizers that were given to us to whet the palate.

The evening included 20 white wines hand-picked by Bruce Abbott for the tasting. Being a newbie to the Fairbanks social scene, I’m really enjoying to getting to know the different circles of people and that nearly all of us are connected via Twitter. It’s nice to put a physical person with an @ handle.

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Rated G

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The phrase of the day is:
Some people just need a high five… in the face… with a chair.

That should sum up where I’m coming from over here. I wanted to make something easy and satisfying, so I went with trusty old enchiladas. Because few things smell better than onions sauteeing in butter.

This is one of my favorite recipes. I started making it a few years ago and have been modifying it ever since. The recipe gets its roots here. I found it on my Dinner Spinner App one night while trying to impress my then boyfriend (now husband). Maybe these are magic enchiladas. Maybe, I should write to Glamour and let them know the Engagement Chicken prize has been usurped. Maybe if I get crazy hair and a new attitude, I can have my own cooking show!

Maybe not.

This recipe is super fast and simple because it requires minimal prep work. Just chop some onion and green pepper because everything else comes from a can! You may find that a bit distasteful, but it’s actually tasty. Ask anyone in my office. They all enjoyed them and not just because they were free.

Discrepancies from the movie and the ingredients shown in the movie are:
-I used 2 cans of Rotel even though only 1 is shown in the photo.
-I used 2 cans of enchilada sauce even though only 1 is shown in the photo.
-The tortillas are burrito sized. They are in the photo, but are behind everything else.
-The cream cheese is not shown in the photo at all. It is one of those individual packs of cream cheese.

This movie is one of my first forays into the land of iMovie. For some reason, I feel like I am going to change something about this movie, but I’m not sure what.

Happy cooking everyone!

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